Jewelry Industry Today: Role of Alternative Metal Jewelry

It was a test for many industries around the world when the global recession spread like wildfire a few years ago. Right now, companies and consumers alike have an optimistic outlook and it shows as economies are slowly but surely starting to recover. The fashion industry, though luxurious and very rewarding, becomes easily vulnerable when economic challenges arise. That is why a lot of jewelry retailers have to be resourceful and flexible when trying to stay relevant in the industry.

One such strategy that many high-end and mid-range fashion retailers employed to survive the recession is offering alternative metal accessories together with their precious metals collections. Stainless steel jewelry in particular has gotten very popular among customers, mostly with men though appreciative women are not so far behind. The shift in consumer interest and priorities plus the fact that spending habits have been altered by the economic challenge made many jewelry retailers invest in alternative metal jewelry. And it paid off quite nicely, as many say that embracing the affordable side of the fashion industry is what saved many jewelry retailers to ruin.

In addition, alternative metal accessories has also gotten the attention of high fashion designers and brands like Vivienne Westwood, Armani and many others. Infusing their collections with alternative metal jewelry and giving stainless steel a make-over increased the number of consumers who now purchase these once exclusively elitist products. Which begs the question whether there is still a line between fine and fashion jewelry when the perspective of most consumers with regard to value has drastically shifted?

Though some might argue that gold will always be the top dog of fine jewelry, it cannot be denied that alternative metal jewelry like stainless steel has started to grow on customers wanting affordable and stylish accessories. And as the economy and the fashion industry start to recover, it appears that alternative metal jewelry also can stand toe to toe with fine accessories, as top brands and jewelry retailers now offer stainless steel jewelry in the price point that is just a few hundred dollars below silver jewelry.

What makes the jewelry industry great is it never stands still. The jewelry industry is as dynamic as the consumers who appreciate it. Whether alternative metal jewelry will continue to move forward or not, the fact remains that products, like stainless steel jewelry, has served an integral part in the fashion industry, helping jewelry retailers survive and even succeed amidst the recession.

Sparkle and Shine With Jewels On a Dime

There are plenty of things in the world which are severely overrated. The non-existence of sensibility, women and jewelry in the same sentence is supposed to be one of them! However, what the moderators of such a concept fail to understand is how smart we have become, as soon as we invented or discovered fashion jewelry.

Moreover, here is a chance for most men to gift something actually affordable which we might like! What’s so insensible about that now, eh? The best thing about fashion or costume jewelry is that how you actually stand to be unique, no matter what the approach.

The Versatility
My affair with fashion jewelry began when I was pretty young and loved to dance. On a completely different, not so unrelated note, somehow precious metals and expensive stones never interested me much.

Instead, I was always more into making things, coming up with new ideas and yes using wastes to recycle and wear them as jewelry. Something similar to such trends is probably is why fashion jewelry has gained so much popularity all over the world. You might weave a necklace out of screws and it will still pass off, as long as you can carry it off well.

The Best Places to Hunt
Even if you are lacking in the department of imagination and creativity, following simple basics will always work for you. For starters, find what you are comfortable with. If beads are what seem to suit you, go with it. Furthermore, stick to vintage designs in fashion jewelry if nothing else crosses your mind. Just make sure it matches some item of your clothing or accessories. However, if you can carry it off, wearing items of jewelry which is an absolute contrast to your clothes will totally nail it too!

For the ones who are dying to explore and make something of your own, here is a list of where you should look for.

• The Garage or Storeroom: This is probably the best place to start with, if you really want to create something with everything that has been kind of demolished. From pieces of colored metal, to glass, to ruined and unhealthy pieces of beads, to wood, gather around ladies!

• Nanny’s Basket: You have no idea how much fun you will have looking for wonderful pieces of thingamajigs and compiling them together to create something new. From pieces of wool, to vintage clasps, to broken pieces of Nanny’s jewelry, everything works.

• Nature’s Lap: This is perhaps the best time for you to show how exotic things can look with items of jewelry made from Nature. The simplest of ideas will of course involve fresh flowers. However, if you really want to hit a chord, try to do something with old leaves and most importantly barks and twigs of trees.

• Flea Markets and Garage Sales: No surprises there. You name it and you have most definitely got it. Nevertheless, do not forget to check pavement and makeshift sales which are generally Sunday Church specials. You will not believe the kind of pieces and raw materials you might be able to get your hands on, especially vintage fashion jewelry dating back to the ’50s Hollywood.

So as the Festivities set in, here is your chance to look trendy by choosing to do something different. Have loads of fun ladies, Cheers!

Fashion Accessories for 2014 That Will Make Your Outfits Pop!

Every girl out there is trying to look her best and fashion jewelry is a big hit right now. Of course, us guys are looking more at the girl, but it never hurt to have a look that will help get you noticed from the get-go. That’s why I recommend that when you’re looking for the best fashion accessories for 2014 that you look for these types of accessories and jewelry.

  • Scarves – Girls forget about scarves when they’re thinking about fashion, but the fact of the matter is that a good scarf that accentuates your outfit and your eyes can be a more important accessory than any piece of jewelry. Pair that with a row of bangle bracelets and you’ll look hip, cool, and classy. And there’s nothing wrong with that.
  • Jewelry that suits you. Okay. So here’s the big thing. Too many girls are trying to wear what they see in magazines, whether or not it’s going to look good on them personally. So the trick is that while you want to have the right accessories that go with the current fashion you also don’t want to pick fashion jewelry that doesn’t suit your body, your face, or your personality. When you do this, you only serve to make yourself look awkward and uncomfortable.
  • Jewelry that matches or gives something extra to your outfit. The problem with a lot of jewelry and fashion accessories for 2014 that I’m seeing is that they tend to become the centerpiece. That necklace that’s so big that it takes away from your face? Pass it by! Get something that accentuates your features and makes you look as beautiful as you were meant to be.

Of all things, the most important that I can pass along to you is this: no matter what you’re choosing for your look, and no matter what accessories you choose to go along with that, you should always be yourself. There’s no sense in choosing what’s in style if “in style” means not being you. The most beautiful accessories, and the right ones, are those that help you bring out the best in you and that make you feel good about yourself and how you look. So skip the expensive ones you see in all the magazines, and skip the just as expensive knock-offs, and choose to take care of yourself for a change. Your personality is the best accessory you have for 2014.

Designing Jewelry for Teenagers – A Profitable Market Niche

Teenage jewelry is an important and lucrative market niche. Today’s 12- to 19-year-old crowd shops for fashions more than any other age group.

Fashion market analysts say that American teens currently spend $33 billion a year on fashion and beauty, with over 90% of them shopping for clothes and accessories at least once a month.

For many teenagers, fashion is an important part of establishing their identity. Jewelry, clothes, shoes, and hairstyles can set young adults apart or make them fit in. In this age group more than any other, what you wear symbolizes what you believe, who you are (or want to be), and what group you belong to. Teens also have fun experimenting with fashion and color as their own personal style evolves.

You may want to consider having at least a small section of your jewelry business cater to the teenage market. A considerable amount of jewelry is bought by and for teenagers – both girls and boys – for four main reasons:

1. This age group is always looking for something new; a typical teenage fashion trend lasts only six to twelve months. In my own experience, it’s very rare for a teen to pass my booth at a show without stopping to look carefully at nearly everything in my display.

2. Jewelry is a popular gift for adults to give to teens. Especially around gift-giving occasions, I often have adult customers asking me, “Do you have any jewelry for teenagers?”

3. Many teens love to shop, and many also have a sizeable amount of spending money. Their income tends to be stable since it comes from multiple sources (parents, part-time jobs, babysitting, gifts) – and most of their income is disposable.

4. The teenage population is growing, and this demographic is expected to continue for several years. That means that spending among this group will most likely increase.

Tips for Designing Jewelry for the Teenage Market:

* The entertainment industry is the most significant influence on teen fashion and beauty trends. Watch what’s being worn by young celebrities, pop stars, alternative bands, etc. Check in on MTV occasionally, and thumb through teen-oriented magazines.

* Ask a few teenagers you know for jewelry ideas and feedback. You may be surprised by their insights.

* Visit a Hot Topic store, if your local mall has one.

* Keep in mind that teenagers generally don’t want to wear anything their parents would wear – so whether *you* would wear a particular piece of jewelry is not the best barometer of its marketability to teenagers (unless you’re a teenager yourself, of course).

* Spirituality is an important issue for teenagers. Young adults are exploring their beliefs and tend to like symbols of philosophies they want to be identified with. Spiritual jewelry tends to appeal to a significant portion of teens.

(Examples of spiritual elements that can be incorporated into teen jewelry include crystals and healing stones, crosses / fish / WWJD, star of David, and other symbols of major religions. And don’t forget about the appeal of alternative spirituality, symbolized by elements such as Buddhas, chakra-rainbow jewelry, ankhs, Quan Yin, etc. You might want to choose just one or two religious directions to represent in your teen jewelry line.)

* Stock some tempting impulse-purchase items. Teens have a low resistance to impulse buys, and a price point of $15 or less can make a tempting piece of jewelry irresistible.

* Body jewelry is hugely popular among teens. Remember it doesn’t always have to be pierced styles – nonpierced body jewelry is widely worn among this deomgraphic. In warm weather, teens will be susceptible to tempting displays of affordable ankle bracelets, toe rings, barefoot sandals, and other styles that can’t be seen under winter clothes.

* Young ladies aren’t the only ones who wear jewelry. Young men are wearing more of it now than ever before. In general, masculine teen jewelry has a rugged look, with materials such as leather, hemp, rubber, pewter or silver, and beads.

* The majority of teenagers shy away from jewelry styles that are too far over the top. Teen designs need to balance “cool” with “wearable”.